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Coin World

Coin World is the top resource for news and insights about collectible coins, paper money, medals, tokens and any object once used as currency.

Collectors and investors turn to Coin World content regularly—via our monthly magazine, weekly news publication, eNewsletters, CoinWorld.com website, and mobile apps—as their favored means to stay up-to-date on numismatic collectibles and the vibrant marketplace in which they are bought and sold worldwide. Coin World’s staff, made up 25 editors, columnists and correspondents throughout the world, are consulted by members of Congress and the U.S. Mint, and are regularly cited in mainstream publications such as The Wall Street Journal. More than 50 years of tradition prove the Coin World brand remains a driving force for collector, investor and dealer decision‐making. Throughout its life, Coin World has won a multitude of awards and editorial recognition. While many subscribers grew up with Coin World, newer collectors and investors discover it through local dealers, newsstands, the web, shows and the community. Join Coin World’s established mission to enhance the value and enjoyment of numismatics. Together, we will provide the news, insights, history, values, directories, portfolios and path to purchase that will continue to grow advertisers’ revenue along with the numismatic community.


The Scott Catalogue has served stamp collectors for more than 140 years. It is the only catalogue produced on an annual basis that identifies and values all the stamps of the world. Throughout the years, Scott has developed and produced a wide variety of stamp albums and collecting accessories.

Today the Scott Standard catalogue comprises six volumes and lists more than 650,000 individual stamps from more than 600 different countries. The company also produces specialized catalogues for U.S. stamps and for classic worldwide stamps issued between 1840 and 1940, the hobby’s first 100 years. Each year, improvements and modifications are made to the catalogues.

Scott also boasts an expansive and diverse album line. Albums are produced for all levels of collecting interest, from the beginner to the highly specialized collector. Besides producing catalogues and albums, Scott also offers a wide variety of collecting accessories, such as mounts, magnifiers and stamp tongs.


Linns.com & Linn’s Stamp News is the world’s largest resource devoted to stamp collecting, founded by George W. Linn in 1928 as Linn’s Weekly Stamp News. As an Amos Media title, Linn’s has grown from the eight-page paper it was in 1928, to the monthly and weekly publications it is today. The in-depth editorial content and timely news coverage has made Linn’s the No. 1 resource for intermediate to serious stamp collectors for over 80 years.

Amos Advantage

Amos Advantage is an online supplier and retailer that offers an array of enthusiast products that enhance the hobbyist experience.