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The Numismatic Literary Guild honors Coin World with five awards in 2014

SIDNEY, OH (August 7, 2014) - Coin World received five awards on August 7 at the Numismatic Literary Guild's annual "bash" in Rosemont, Ill., during the American Numismatic Association World's Fair of Money.

For the second year in a row, Coin World's monthly edition won "U.S. Numismatic Magazines, Best Issue" honors. This year the May 2013 issue was recognized. Titled "The Heart of a Collector" the issue featured personal essays on numismatics from Coin World's editors.

Jeff Garrett and Coin World's editor-in-chief Steve Roach received an award for best article on U.S. coins in a U.S. numismatic magazine for their piece, "Hidden in Plain Sight: Smithsonian Reveals Modern Era Treasures." The article, which appeared in the August 2013 Coin World monthly edition, highlights Garrett's research at the Smithsonian Institution that discovered modern era coins with special finishes in the National Numismatic Collection.

Additionally, Roach received best article on tokens and medals in a numismatic newspaper for his article, "What Makes the 1776 Libertas Americana Medal So Special?" that appeared in the March 10, 2014, weekly issue of Coin World. The medal - initiated by Benjamin Franklin -influenced early American coinage design with its Liberty motif and is often ranked as the most popular U.S. medallic issue.

Paper Money senior editor Michele Orzano received the award for best article on paper money in a numismatic newspaper for her piece, "Hometown Notes Often Offer a Glimpse Behind the Scenes" which appeared in the Dec. 16, 2013, weekly issue of Coin World. Orzano wrote, "Looking into the history of national bank notes from your hometown can be a little like delving into a genealogy project. Tracing the history of a bank from its inception forward sometimes leads to discovery of a famous connection." Her article drew connections between several notes that appeared at a recent auction and Ohio's history.

Paul Gilkes, senior editor, U.S. coins, won the award for best spot news story or continuing coverage of a developing story in numismatics for his coverage of the 1974-D Lincoln cent struck in aluminum. Over multiple stories Gilkes reported on the recent discovery of a Denver Mint trial strike for a 1974 Lincoln cent, its subsequent removal from a major auction and the following legal battle between the coin's owners and the U.S. Mint.

Since 2004, Coin World has received nearly 70 awards from the NLG. NLG membership is open to authors, publishers and editors of recognized numismatic books & publications.

Coin World's senior editor William T. Gibbs, says, "Coin World's team of editors and outside contributors are the best in the profession. The NLG awards from their peers in numismatics and the many honors from other professional journalistic organizations pay tribute to their dedication in covering the numismatic community."

Over the past decade, Coin World has received more than 150 awards from numerous groups including the American Numismatic Association, Society of Professional Journalists, International Society of Appraisers, Ohio Professional Writers and National Federation of Press Women.

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